In March 2001 , Ben Behunin founded Wild Rooster Artworks. His third studio in his 6 year career, Ben was determined to make this studio and business the best and most productive studio he could imagine. It is “WILD” because of Ben’s grateful affliction with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). The “ROOSTER” was chosen because of the rooster’s ability to awaken the new day. “ARTWORKS” was chosen over pottery because Ben did not want to limit himself to one medium, and though the majority of his work is clay, the world is a big place and dreams make it only bigger.

The new studio has opened an exciting world for Ben and his family. It has allowed him to share his art with a much broader audience than he had ever anticipated. His work is found in galleries across the United States. He hopes this online gallery will put his work in front of an even larger audience.

Art, good art, makes people happy, makes them feel good about themselves and opens doors to their soul. Art is about sharing ideas, values and feelings. Art, if it has any value it must build up the souls of the masses.