BOWLS @ Wild Rooster Artworks
Wild Rooster Bowls are wheel thrown by Ben Behunin. They are lightweight but very durable, having been fired to 2400 degrees. As each piece is handmade, they will vary in size and always in design. Ben tries to make each piece unique. All bowls have been glazed with multiple lead-free glazes. Designs are made using wax resist and layering glazes, a very time consuming labor of love. All of the bowls are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. A hole is drilled into the foot of each bowl allowing it to be hung on the wall as an art piece instead of hiding it away in the cupboard. Bowls are made in four sizes. The numbers coinciding with size refers to the amount of clay Ben begins with on the wheel. The picture at the bottom of this page shows the four sizes from left to right. #2 bowls are 9"-10" in diameter, #3bowls are 10"-11" in diameter, #4 bowls are 11"-12" in diameter and#6 bowls range from 13"-14" in diameter. All sizes are available in all styles.

Prices for bowls are as follows:
#2 $38.00
#3 $48.00
#4 $60.00
#6 $88.00
Black Magic Bowl
Landscape Bowls
Sundae Bowels
Ox Blood Bowls
Purple Green Bowls
Sea Green Bowls
Sunburst Bowls

Blue Black Bowls

Black Green Bowl
Green River


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