GARGOYLES @ Wild Rooster Artworks
Celestial Hubcaps are the result of a crazy dream. The stoneware faces are mounted on the chrome-plated plastic wheel covers. Sure to make anyone smile. Great indoors or out. Weighing only a few pounds, they are easily hung from a nail.

Wild Rooster Gargoyles will scare the evil spirits away and replace them with joy and laughter. We are constantly working on new faces and retiring old designs. We currently have six faces, but plan on another six for Spring 2003.

The faces and hubcaps are the same as those sold as gargoyles. If you have a hubcap you would like to use, please contact us. We do not recommend using these hubcaps on any moving vehicle other than on a spare tire on the rear of the vehicle.

All Celestial

are $70.00

Bucky Gargoyle 9" diameter
Grandpa Joe Celestrial Hubcap 16"
Hey Baby Gargoyle 9"diameter
Jack Gargoyle 9" diameter
George Gargoyle 9" diameter
Fred Gargoyle 9" diameter
Sam Gargoyle 9" diameter