BOWLS @ Wild Rooster Artworks

These bowls are designed by pressing a hand-carved linoleum block into a slab of clay. The clay is then hand cut and draped over a hump-mold and allowed to dry. Afterwards, three balled feet are attached to the bottom of the bowl. I have sold these for a couple of years on a very limited scale as I worked out the kinks. They are available in two finishes -- iron wash, which leaves the bowl somewhat rough to the touch but still functional, or the black wash with a shiny glaze over the top. Both methods are fully functional with food, dishwasher and mircowave. A black glaze is applied on the outside. Because these bowls are hand-built and no wheel is involved in their making, they are not exactly round and will be warped a bit. But with pictures like these, you would have to expect that.

Happy Bowls are about
11"-12" in diameter and 4" deep. Each bowl is $55.00

Belly Flop Bowl
Hot Tub Bowl
The Kiss Bowl
Mermaiden Bowl
Saturday Morning Bowl
Takes Two to Tango Bowl
Chreers to Chase Bowl
Food Chain Bowl

Suppertime Bowl