MIRRORS & CLOCKS @ Wild Rooster Artworks
We have been busy this Fall creating a new line of clocks and mirrors. People love the Gear Heads but were looking for something they could bring inside and hang on their wall. You ask, we deliver! These clocks and mirrors are unlike anything you have seen before and they will surely make you smile.

The mirrors are set ion a heavily textured stoneware frame and fired with a black or rust stain. Stoneware faces are fired in place and will be rust colored as with the Gear Heads. Call if you want a specific head, otherwise leave it up to our artistic expression. We won't disappoint you!

These are the smallest of the mirrors but they will make you skinny.


These mirrors are just as fun, but are also a little more practical. Faces will vary. If do not want "Pic a winner", please notify us at time of order.

10" diameter $50.00



Belly Flop

Takes two to Tango

Saturday Morning in the Garden

Gothic Mirror
5x14" $60.00
Roman mirror with Pick a Winner
6x14" $65.00
The clocks above are a sample of those currently being made. The size will remain the same, but the designs and faces will vary from piece to piece.