WRAPPED VASES @ Wild Rooster Artworks
Late one night in the Summer of 2001, Ben stayed up carving linoleum blocks with the idea that he would make some cards and art for himself and friends and sell the rest. In the wee hours of morning, a new idea struck him like a ton of bricks. He had spent years collecting cool textures to press into the clay and here he was making cooler textures than he could ever find. To make a long story short, after a lot of experimentation, these vases emerged. Hours are spent on each linoleum block, but it makes it possible to duplicate the same design over and over. Slabs are imprinted and then rolled together before a bottom is attached. After the bisque firing they are rubbed with a black iron stain and fired again at 2400 degrees. They look great with or without flowers. All of these vases are glazed with a shiny cobalt glaze on the interior. Vases stand 10-11" tall.

All styles, $50.00.



Fish in Motion


Saturday Morning in the Garden



Escher Fish

Friendly Monsters

Of Wind and Waves


Happy City